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3D and CAD: added value for patents, designs and products

3D and CAD: added value for patents, designs and products
22 Jun 2021

3D technologies are not only causing disruption in the manufacturing industry. They also have numerous advantages in the field of patents and inventions. For example, CAD drawings (computer-aided design drawings) are usually more precise and also easy to reproduce. 3D printing is an inexpensive option for the production of models and prototypes. That is why we also rely on 3D and CAD.

CAD drawings for patents and designs

With CAD drawings, inventions can be visualized down to the last detail. Objects can be placed well in rooms and their proportions can be displayed correctly. Both offer advantages for patent or design patent applications: Such “correct” visualizations practically never give patent authorities cause for complaint. This makes the registration process more efficient.

CAD drawings are also suitable for creating all views, for example to clearly and completely show the nature of designs. CAD also pays off when different variants are developed or changes to the drawings are to be implemented.

3D printing for inventions and prototypes

If inventors want to hold their new development in their hands for further assessment, 3D printing offers them an economical solution. 3D printers layer metal or plastic powder and harden it in such a way that true-to-scale models are created. That is comparatively cheap and is also relatively quick. This makes 3D printing an attractive option for product developers, inventors and other innovators to produce quick prototypes.

We are well positioned when it comes to 3D and CAD

Our team has been enthusiastic about the advantages of 3D and CAD for a long time. For this reason, we have continuously expanded our expertise in this area over the past few years. Today we use CATIA V5, a leading software suite, to create 3D drawings for patents, designs and 3D print templates. On request, we can implement the latter as 3D printing together with a strong partner. Of course, we also take on 3D printing orders based on templates that are delivered.

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