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Excellent: our homepage was website of the day

Excellent: our homepage was website of the day
30 Sept 2021

Excellent: our homepage was website of the day

Our homepage was website of the day. Yay! That's our pleasure. And it spurs us on. Because we want to get even better. But one after anonther. Where was our homepage awarded? The international platform Design Nominees selects a winner of the day every day in the categories websites, themes, games and apps. On September 23, 2021, patentplan.de was chosen as the website of the day.

This path led us to the podium

To take part in the voting, the website must be submitted to designnominees.com. The users then rate which work they like best. They each have a vote for that. The nomination with the most votes will be the website of the day. On September 23, 11 pages were nominated - patentplan.de was able to prevail against 10 competitors.

Our homepage was awarded for this

According to designnominees.com, designers, developers, studios and agencies are evaluated in the votes that push the boundaries in terms of creativity, functionality and usability. That sounds good. And it is primarily aimed at Lupus Art Net, our web design agency. Therefore also at this point: Thank you very much for your great work! We are delighted that our homepage has received the Website of the day award. Especially after we recently completely revised it [https://www.patentplan.de/news-preview/better-positioned-with-a-homepage-and-web-offers], that means a lot to us.

Just one stop on our journey

This recognition shows that we are on the right track. But we don't want to stand still, we want to keep developing. So we now ask you: Are you missing something on our homepage? Do you have any other suggestions or questions for us? Please let us know - using the contact form [https://www.patentplan.de/contact] here on the website, via social media or by phone. We look forward to your input!