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That's why 3D printing is worthwhile for inventors and patent professionals

That's why 3D printing is worthwhile for inventors and patent professionals
24 Jun 2021

3D printing is new in our portfolio. Why are we offering this service lately? What are the advantages? And what do our customers and partners get out of it? We have summarized it in this blog.

Where 3D printing comes from and is used

The success story of 3D printing began in the 1980s. The invention of stereolithography, patented in 1984, was fundamental. It is considered to be the first process in which workpieces were manufactured on the basis of 3D CAD points. Today, 3D printing comprises different processes, some of which are combined with one another, following roughly the same principle: The objects are made layer by layer, for example from plastic powder. On the one hand, 3D printing is used in the industrial sector and, on the other hand, for the production of individual pieces, models and prototypes.

Advantages of 3D printing - not only in the patent system

3D printing is cheap. If other processes require molds or special tools in addition to the machine and material, 3D printing only requires a printer and material. Another advantage: There is no excess material. In contrast, this is the case with processes such as milling from a plastic block. This makes 3D printing cheaper and more ecological. There is nothing left that needs to be disposed of. 3D printing is also suitable for the production of models or prototypes with filigree structures. Many other procedures cannot do that either. In addition, with 3D printing, objects are not put together from several individual parts, but rather manufactured as a whole. This means that there are no seams or unwanted breaks.

With all these advantages, 3D printing is predestined for test prints and the production of prototypes that inventors and patent departments use in their development work.

That's why we now offer 3D printing

In our long-term collaboration with patent departments and inventors, the challenge of presenting inventions as precisely as possible has repeatedly emerged. Visualizations should be exact, true to scale and three-dimensional. Because in this way, form and function can be assessed well and potential for improvement identified. The solution was obvious to us: models and prototypes from the 3D printer.

We have therefore continued our education and now work with CATIA, which we consider the best CAD software. In addition, we have teamed up with a professional in the field of 3D printing and can now offer 3D prints in excellent quality.

We plan and print your prototype

Do you need a 3D-printed model of your invention or for another purpose? We are happy to take care of it! Simply send us your CAD template for assessment. If everything fits, we will be happy to make you an offer. If this suits you, you will receive a fully printed 3D model or prototype from us in the next step.

You don't have any CAD data yet? That is also not a problem: We are happy to support you in creating the print template. Just get in touch and we will discuss everything else. We are looking forward to your ideas and wishes - which we will of course treat with strict confidentiality.